EuropeanCyberCup - Intro To Cyber - 23 October to 19 November 2023

EuropeanCyberCup 2023 Timeline

Networking Academy and SkillsForAll are inviting Networking Academy instructors to enroll students in the new "Introduction to CyberSecurity" course on the new SkillsForAll platform. The goal is to involve new IT students enrolled at your academy. It is possible to also allow business students to enter the Learn-A-Thon, because the content is relevant for any professional.

Phase 1 - All students - Participate in the Learn A Thon - Introduction to CyberSecurity

The "Learn-A-Thon" runs between 23 October to 19 November. Your students need only to spend 6 hours of their time during the competition weeks.
In this part as many as students are required in order to allow your institution to gain entrance to  the next phase.

Phase 2 - Cisco European Battle Royale, a contest to become Cybersecurity champions

The Top 16 Academies participating with the highest points will be invited with a group of four students to a "Capture The Flag" competition on 1 December.
The competition will be at the complexity level of CCST CyberSecurity and CCST Networking Essentials.

Access to the Course for BiASC Members

  • Students are able to access the course using the following hyperlink
    Click on Get Started to enter the course
    Your students will be recognized based on their email address. There is no personal information.
    Information for students: hyperlink
  • If you would like to create your own competition course, read the instructions below.

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